Members and Industry Overview

Although talc is a widespread mineral, there are relatively few commercially viable deposits, with fewer than 20 mines currently in operation in Europe.

EU talc production stands in the region of 1.3 million tonnes/year. Imports and exports are limited since talc’s relatively low price cannot cover the logistic costs this involves. Only some special, high quality grades are imported, principally from China and Australia, and are milled in Europe (about 6% of the market).

European producers:

Imerys Talc is the world’s leading talc producing group with worldwide sales exceeding 1 million tonnes/year. In Europe, Imerys Talc owns seven talc deposits and 8  processing plants in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Austria. The Group’s European operations headquarters are based in Toulouse (France).

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Mondo Minerals is the second largest talc producing company in Europe and worldwide. Annual sales are in the order of 600,000 tonnes/year. Mondo Minerals has talc mining operations in Finland with 2 talc processing plants in Finland and 2 plants in The Netherlands. It is pursuing a global expansion strategy by acquiring high grade resources in large growth markets such as China. The company was sold to the London-based private equity company HgCapital in November 2007 and is now registered in Amsterdam under the name Mondo Minerals B.V.


IMIFABI is a leading mining and minerals company, specialising in the production of talc. On a global scale, IMIFABI offers a wide range of high quality products at competitive prices.  Established in the 1950’s, in Valmalenco (SO) Italy, IMIFABI has expanded over the last two decades, thanks to its strategic choices aimed at developing a policy of growth and investment. IMIFABI’s operating network produces and distributes high quality industrial talc products; and provides a comprehensive and reliable service, doing business with a range of customers in different industries – including plastic, paper, paints and fillers, animal feed, building coatings, ceramics, pharmaceuticals and more. The company’s success stems from its commitment to sustainable value creation, its strategic investment policy and its culture of providing innovative industrial solutions for its customers.

IMI Fabi is operating worldwide with 6 mining sites, 7 production and administrative sites and 2 JVC, like in Italy, Western Australia (Mount Seabrook), West Virginia (USA),  China, Singapore and  Pakistan.

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